“The daughter of the barbarian king of Nordagh, Ursula possesses mysterious magical powers that nobody in her family can explain. Because of this her father has kept Ursula sheltered in his castle most of her young life. But she is a free spirit who longs to see the world. This, along with her strong desire to prove herself to her over protective brother Urlan, is what drives Ursula to compete in the gladiator games. But her destiny will pull her towards something much greater.” – League Training Manual, page 7

Ursula is the princess of Nordagh and female protagonist of the game.


Ursula is pretty fast and agile for a Medium Class gladiator and has high defense, allowing her to dodge many attacks.

Throughout the game a few unique powers will manifest for her. Like Valens, she can Empower Self for a temporary boost to her power, damage, and defense. As time goes on, she'll also gain the power to Summon Shield to temporarily replace a shield destroyed in battle, and later she can heal wounded allies (although the healing is pretty minimal).

The best weapon for Ursula seems to be the Altan (axe/fire) that can be purchased in Odin's Keep the second time the school is in Nordagh. In general, fire is a good affinity for Ursula, but there is no exceptional affinity-specific equipment for her, so any affinity will work.

Ursula has very few skills compared to other classes, and it is common to have bought everything except for Affinity Skills by the time you meet the Dark God.