Ursula's twin brother and a strong and powerful barbarian prince, Urlan’s main duty is to keep his sister safe. Unlike Ursula, he is content to remain in Nordagh and follow the path that their father has laid out before them.” – League Training Manual, page 8

Urlan is Ursula's older fraternal twin brother and the crown prince of Nordagh. He somewhat reluctantly accompanies her on her quest to explore the world beyond Nordagh and unlike her, tends to be more close-minded and judgmental.


Urlan is a Medium Class gladiator but uses a slow combo meter like a Heavy Class. This allows him to hit criticals fairly, regularly making him very reliable in battle. His skillset is very similar to the Barbarian. He does not get any fancy attacks and loses out on the Totem skills, but does get Break Defense. Lunge is very hard to use because it requires your opponent to be one square away, and Urlan works best in the thick of battle. Of the three animal forms he can assume, the Cat Forms are probably the most useful because of the mobility they add. Whenever possible, use Urlan and Ursula together to take advantage of Older Brother.

In the Ursula campaign, he starts with Air Affinity Attack 1, although there are a good number of Earth Affinity weapons to use.