• A female secutor
  • A male secutor

Secutors are Light Class gladiators from Imperia. They are similar to Bandits, but feature more pure offensive power. Gwazi is a secutor.


The Surprise Attack and Backstabber skills can take a chunk out of any gladiator, especially when dealing with Arcane Class and Support Class gladiators. Taunt and Deride are handy skills, letting the Secutors lower opponent initiative and boost the crowd. Their versatility makes them an important part of any school.

Any affinity works well with Secutors. The Ring of Refuge accessory works very well with Secutors because it increases the range of their move attacks allowing them to run around an opponent they're facing and use Surprise Attack on the flank or back.

Skill Learn/Use/Meter Description
Strike 0/0/Basic Standard move to attack.
Running Attack 4/1s/Match Run across battlefield to attack foes who are farther away.
Surprise Attack 6/2s/Aim Target will not turn to face when attacked. This is the Secutor's greatest attack.
Sprint Attack 36/2s/Match Run a greater distance across battlefield to attack.
Spear Attack 0/1s/None Attack from the diagonal using the spear's extended reach.
Trip 18/4s/Aim Successful attack knocks down opponent.
Remove Shield 24/0/Special Successful attack may disarm opponent.
Shield Bypass 32/1s/Aim Opponent cannot use shield to block attacks. Pretty small target zone.
Target Head 34/1s/Aim Reduce opponent initiative.
Slicing Attack 40/5s/Special Heavy damage attack that may cause bleeding damage.
Combo Attack 1 6/2s/Fast Chain Two hit attack. Meter: AA
Combo Attack 2 12/3s/Fast Chain Three hit attack. Meter: AAA
Combo Attack 3 22/4s/Fast Chain Four hit attack. Meter: AAAA
Combo Attack 4 34/5s/Fast Chain Five hit attack. Meter: AAAAA
Sand Toss 2/1s/Aim Successful toss may blind opponent lowering their INI and MOV.
On Guard 12/0/None Increase defense next turn.
Affinity Attack 1 4/2a/None Attack enhanced by the power of the Affinity Gods.
Affinity Attack 2 10/3a/None Mighty attack enhanced by the power of the Affinity Gods.
Affinity Attack 3 20/4a/None Mightiest attack enhanced by the power of the Affinity Gods; special effect depending on type.
Affinity Attack 4 36/5a/None Summon a servant of the Affinity Gods to attack all opponents in arena.
Dodge 0/0/None Standard defensive maneuver.
Shield Block 0/0/None Standard defensive maneuver with shield.
Taunt 8/0/None Taunt opponent; crowd reacts positively.
Backstabber 10/0/None Damage doubled when attacking from behind.
Evasion 20/0/None More effective defensive maneuver.
Deride 22/0/None Taunt opponent; crowd goes wild!
Heightened Evasion 30/0/None Most effective defensive maneuver.
Off Balance 38/0/None Lowers opponent defense if opponent misses attack.