Light is a classification of gladiators who are generally quicker and less powerful compared to other classes. The Light gladiator classes consist of the Bandit, Berserker, Dervish, Mongrel, Satyr, Secutor, and the hero Gwazi.


Many Light classes have above-average or better Initiative, Movement and Defense, allowing them to run circles around Heavy Classes, in some cases quite literally. The Bandit is equipped with the Incapacitate Heavy move, which will petrify a Heavy gladiator, allowing the Bandit to then run around behind them and take full advantage of their Backstabber Innate skill even in a 1 on 1 fight.

Secutors can use Sand Toss to slow down their opponent and give themselves more consecutive turns for a short time, allowing them to sneak around behind the opponent and use Surprise Attack. This is especially effective against Heavy classes as they are generally much slower than Secutors to begin with.

Light gladiators will receive a significant damage bonus when attacking Heavy gladiators, but no damage bonus or penalty against Medium Class or other Light gladiators. They will also receive more damage from attacks made on them by Medium gladiators, but will receive normal damage from Heavy and other Light gladiators

Generally the best choices for Light gladiators are the Secutor and Dervish. Light gladiators that are usually not worth investing in are the Satyr and Mongrel.


Plains Cats and Wolves, though technically classified as Beast Class follow the above rules for fighting as Light gladiators. They will also have damage bonuses against Heavy classes and will take more damage from Medium classes. This includes Bears, Scarabs, and Scorpions, who fight as Medium classes, and Greater Beasts, who fight as Heavy classes. Plains Cats and Wolves cannot fulfill league requirements as Light classes however, only as Beast classes.