"Gladius is a class-based game. Overall, a gladiator’s class determines what that character can do in battle. These classes give innate bonuses to certain classes when they face another type. And it also, in turn, puts certain characters at a disadvantage when facing the opposing class.

Class CategoriesEdit

Classes are broken down into logical categories that allow for skills to affect a logical group of opponents. The core rock-paper-scissors relationship of the classes implies that Heavy gladiators have an advantage over Medium; Medium gladiators, in turn, have an advantage over Light; while Light gladiators have an advantage over Heavy gladiators. Here’s how the classes breakdown.


Centurion, Cyclops, Minotaur, Ogre, Samnite, Yeti


Ursula, Valens, Urlan, Ludo, Barbarian, Legionnaire, Murmillo, Undead Legionnaire


Gwazi, Bandit, Berserker, Dervish, Mongrel, Satyr, Secutor


Eiji, Amazon, Archer, Gungnir, Peltast


Channeler, Galdr, Mongrel Shaman, Summoner, Undead Caster


Bear, Greater Bear, Greater Cat, Greater Wolf, Plains Cat, Scarab, Scorpion, Wolf

Note: Support and Arcane are treated as Neutral gladiators. These units do not have an advantage or disadvantage against other classes." – League Training Manual, page 25