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Galverg is a powerful heavy weight gladiator and one of Nyphelia's henchmen in Gladius. He is one of the bosses near the end of the game.


Not much is know about Galverg, and his association with Nyphelia is a mystery. He is originally from Nordagh, but his past was never discussed in Gladius.

Galverg is the leader of the Gladiator school "Shadow of Imperia" which hosts some of the most highly skilled classes in the entire game. Galverg is the murderer of Ludo's father, and because of this, Galverg was banned from the gladiator games. He commonly refers to Ludo's father as "squishy" and "carrot top" as a reference to the murder. It was Galverg's behavior that lead to Ludo's hate for the people of Nordagh.

Galverg wields a weapon known as "The Pillar of Hate" which is in tune with the Dark Affinity. He is one of the few in the game capable of using the Dark Affinity skills.

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