Description: A large Sword-class weapon that can be equipped by Centurions, Samnites and Ogres once your school has reached the Pro Tier.

DAM Bonus: 65


ACC: +15

DEF: -9

INI: 0

Abilities: Death

Although not the strongest weapon for Centurions, Samnites and Ogres as far as damage output goes, the Death ability on the Executioner's Sword makes this a formidable weapon. Samnites tend to make the most use of this sword, due to moves like Befoul Area (which can cause Death to many opponents around the Samnite at once) and Power Bulldoze, which cannot miss and thus has a guaranteed chance of causing Death even on an enemy that is normally difficult to hit.

The only downside to the Death ability, is that you will receive no Experience points for an enemy who loses their HP this way. Thus it is best used to beat tough battles that you may otherwise not be able to complete, but players should stick with stronger damage output weapons for regular battles that will be worth a lot of Experience. Despite what the sword's in-game description would lead you to believe, you do not need to land a critical hit to trigger the Death ability.

Otherwise the sword is typical for it's class, being very accurate but not as powerful as an Axe or Hammer. The item can only be bought in the Caltha Arena, but is rarely listed and is normally attained after defeating enemies who have the sword equipped. Be careful when fighting against Samnites who have this weapon however, and be sure to eliminate them quickly. You can also get the sword by recruiting a Centurion, Samnite or Ogre who is level 18 or higher and has the sword equipped.