Gladius 790screen015

A female dervish

Dervishes are exceptionally quick and skilled Light Class gladiators from the Southern Expanse. They differ from other lights by featuring many attacks that affect all surrounding foes. Dervishes have little to fear from opposing Heavy Class gladiators and actually thrive when completely surrounded because of their Dust Devil 2 skill. The biggest downside is that they are obtained fairly late in the game.

Dervishes have plenty of good skills. Bone Spray, Whirlwind, and Dust Devil 2 deal damage to opponents in surrounding squares. Surprise Attack is always useful. And Dervishes can choose to be totally immune to all damage from Air Affinity and Air Affinity infused weapons.

Dervishes work well with the Water Affinity. Twin Vipers is probably their best weapon as it has Water Affinity with a poisoning effect and can be bought in Sara Izel in the Southern Expanse. There is also a sword called the Tsunami that actually does slightly more damage and boosts affinity much more.