The Cyclops is a common gladiator charactor occuring in Gladius. They are first encountered at Exuro's Eye in Imperia and also in the Mythic Invasion of Imperia in Cro Beska if you choose that side quest.

While the Cyclops is technically a heavy character, their in game appearance is actually smaller than that of "lighter" weight characters, most notably, they are dwarfed by Gwazi, a light class hero. They have the lowest HP of the heavy classes, but still enjoy the DAM bonus while fighting medium characters. Cylcopes also share weapons with the medium classes, such as the Hook Axe and Studded Fist.

While many heavies focus on powerful attacks to overwhelm their foes, Cyclopes often use skill effects (can cause Fear in enemies), and are the only heavy class that has a ranged attack (eye-beam).

They are recruitable in Imperia only after the completion of the Mythic Invasion quest. Cyclopes become fairly common in the Windward Steppes and the Southern Expanse.