Gladius 790screen005

A male centurion

Centurions are the Heavy Class typically encountered in Imperia. Like most heavies they are able to deal massive and amounts of damage and wield weapons with high DAM ratings. Their HP is midrange for their class, falling between the near indestructible Minotaur and the "light-heavy" Cyclops.

While most heavies' skills affect themselves or opponents, Centurions are unique in that their skills affect their allies. While effects like Motivate, Rally, Spur, and Impel increase allies' DAM, ACC, etc, Reprimand can remove negative status effects.

Although these skills make them very attractive recruits, Centurions really shine in combat. Combo 4 is devestating to any enemy, and will usually spell certain death for a Medium Class. Also very useful is Spear Attack, which allows a Centurion equipped with a spear to lash out at an adjacent opponent including those diagonally adjacent to them. Group Attack is an innate ability that allows the possibility for a free strike from a nearby ally with a successful attack from a Centurion. This ability even includes ranged allies if the opponent is unobstructed in their line of fire.

Centurions are well rounded gladiators with good DEF and HP, high DAM and impressive combat skills, and the ability to rally your other gladiators.